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Nice meet up with you, i'm Chasity. What his family and him love is to cook but she is struggling in order to time correctly. Wisconsin is the place...


Big change in GoofyxGrid@Home
In next 1-2 weeks there will be a big change in GoofyxGrid@home because of merging with GCC (Grid Computing Center).
GoofyxGrid@home will finish acctual existens and will appear as sub-project in GCC.

More info soon...
12 Apr 2017, 9:04:51 UTC · Comment

Server test and short WU
Because I rewrite almost every script and deamons on server I need to test it.
To be sure everythink works good I need to analyzed 500k to 1kk WU in every apps so I will generate WU with short time of proceecced.

So don't be affraid if WU time is reduced. WU will be ok and you get credits as always.
7 Jan 2017, 1:33:18 UTC · Comment

New summary pages
I create some list result pages. You can access it from main page in "Result list pages" section or from sub-pages in "Result summary page" section.
That is first version on it. Feel free to watch it and comment it.

I am planning summary pages with sum word for every user, count every word ec
2 Jan 2017, 22:47:48 UTC · Comment

Maintance break
After WU will be send I wil make some cleaner job on server. 5 Dec 2016, 15:40:03 UTC · Comment

New app version - support android 7 and arm64
I added support for android 7 platform with arm64.\r\n\r\n\r\nBig thanks to my friend matszpk from Boinc@Poland 2 Dec 2016, 11:25:39 UTC · Comment

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