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Retired from HVAC industry. Cars, computers and crunching.


New MileStone
GoofyxGrid gain a new MileStone in his history <- project has more than 10,000 hosts :D 11 May 2016, 23:52:20 UTC · Comment

GoofyxGrid at new home
GoofyxGrid@Home working on new serwer:

This is new dedicated server prepared only for GoofyxGrid@Home with SSd and HDD drive + 4c/8t CPU so this will be good enough.
28 Apr 2016, 0:43:03 UTC · Comment

Badges v.2
Thanks to


we have new badges which looks beter that my badges v.1 :D

Many thanks <- again 6 Apr 2016, 21:40:12 UTC · Comment

Monkeys_v1 - analyzer
That was very good day for this project it is why Monkeys_v1 has now real time analyzer too :)
4 Apr 2016, 22:03:25 UTC · Comment

Monkeys_v2 - analyzer
Monkeys_v2 has from now automatic analyzer scripts on server so results is checking almost in real time.Before it I had to dowload result to my computer, analyze it and save it to database.
Script has procesiing with 250,000 result for now <- previous result will be analyzed too, of course.

Tomorrow I am going to test Monkeys_v1 analyzer and after it I have to prepare new php page for presentation it.

And after this work stage it's time for finish work on Monkeys_v1.1 and Monkeys_v.3 and next:
1. CPU app
3. Android support
4 Apr 2016, 13:43:58 UTC · Comment

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