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Maintance break
After WU will be send I wil make some cleaner job on server. 5 Dec 2016, 15:40:03 UTC · Comment

New app version - support android 7 and arm64
I added support for android 7 platform with arm64.

Big thanks to my friend matszpk from Boinc@Poland
2 Dec 2016, 11:25:39 UTC · Comment

New app version for linux 32b
On some host with linux 32bits every app crush because of libcurl error <- this version should correct this. 1 Dec 2016, 9:49:44 UTC · Comment

New apps monkeys_v3 and monkeys_v4
Problems with cpu apps on my server made me to start two new NCI app. Because I dont's have access to any MacOS hosts I can't compile app for this platform at this moment. 27 Oct 2016, 9:28:39 UTC · Comment

Very short maintance
I had to to make short (about 5 minutes) break for upgrade server.
Don't worry about it. Now everythink back and work again.

At this moment some deamons are disabled (validator, assimilator etc) durring I am repleacing them by new version I had created.
23 Aug 2016, 11:58:06 UTC · Comment

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