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C++, PHP, and SQl progammer from Cambridge, England - currently working on a non-profit artificial intelligence project..


Maintance break
After every WU will be sent/return I need some time to prepare server for new series od WU 20 Jul 2016, 7:19:06 UTC · Comment

Android support
Android pie and non-pie for Monkeys_v1 now is available 30 Jun 2016, 21:51:30 UTC · Comment

Windows x64 support
With more and more problems with 32bits application on Windows Vista x64 and Windows 10 x64 I added application compiled for Windows 64bits platforms. 15 Jun 2016, 9:05:14 UTC · Comment

Maintance break
Tonight after every unsent WU will be sent I am planing to have maintance break on server.
Don't worry <- I will back :)
10 Jun 2016, 6:19:14 UTC · Comment

New MileStone
GoofyxGrid gain a new MileStone in his history <- project has more than 10,000 hosts :D 11 May 2016, 23:52:20 UTC · Comment

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